Google provides upgraded Generative AI features for cloud customers

Google has revealed a variety of improved artificial intelligence capabilities for its cloud-computing clients, with Gemini Pro for enterprises standing out as a major release.

Google provides upgraded Generative AI features for cloud customers

As reported by Bloomberg The tech giant is trying to keep pace with the speed of its competition by adopting the dual-pronged approach of Microsoft and OpenAI taking big steps in the rapidly developing area of AI.

In the last week, Google launched Gemini with the assertion that it was the first model to surpass GPT-4 in a variety of areas, and it is now ramping up its offerings by launching Gemini Pro for enterprise customers.

It will allow developers within the industry to build applications using the Gemini software already confirmed. Google Cloud clients will be able to benefit from using chatbots powered by AI in the creation of apps as well as listing resourceful inventory databases.

The report stated that Gemini Pro will be available for free initially, only for Cloud users, however it does not offer access to all its features. In contrast, Google has indicated that the Cloud AI offering will be "competitively priced"

Google lagging behind

With its recent launch, Google announced Gemini on its list of "the next step of our journey" to AI and boasted of its "state-of-the-art features".

It also aimed to divert attention and focus towards OpenAI's ChatGPT or conversely in a battle with them. If this happens they'll be closer the direction they'd like them to be, but for now the product must work and be popular with users, including Cloud clients.

Gemini is available in three sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano The latter being rolled out in the beginning.

It is developed to work on mobile devices, allowing the ability to many users. Along with customized versions, such as Gemini Pro for Bard, the Google chatbot, and a rival to Chat GPT, it strives to be at the front and not to fall behind to OpenAI whether it is in real life or perception.