Disney+ and Hulu combine to offer a third of U.S. favorites

The acquisition of Hulu by the Walt Disney Company makes the combined might from Disney+ and Hulu responsible for a third of the most popular U.S. titles.

Disney+ and Hulu combine to offer a third of U.S. favorites

The research carried out by Ampere Analytics states that Disney+ and Hulu's "catalog size will be just behind Amazon Prime Video."

Disney hopes to provide more to viewers via Hulu acquisition

Disney's current library consists of animated family-friendly films and classical works that are aimed towards a broad audience.

Ampere's study reveals that "Disney+'s content strategy is based on its solid Children & Family content portfolio and its tentpole Sci-Fi & Fantasy releases from major franchises. Hulu's library of content would compliment Disney+'s since it has the most popular genres that are currently unappreciated by Disney+, particularly Crime & Thriller, Romance, and Horror."

Shows with a distinct absence of established titles have led to the purchase to give more balance to the streaming platform.

Focusing on analytics and market research data, Ampere also notes that "Hulu has more subscribers than Disney+ in the US" as of the end of October, 2023.

It's no secret that Disney would like to become the go-to place for customers who want to stream video on demand. The acquisition of Hulu is just one other acquisition to expand the list of media companies' existing collection of IPs and services available to consumers.

This isn't the only development in the world of leading streaming platforms, as Netflix made an announcement about its plans to offer live streaming of sports.

Hulu bought by Disney

In November of this year, this year, Walt Disney Company announced the acquisition for the platform.

The media company stated that "Disney expects it will pay NBCU roughly $8.61 billion, representing the NBCU's portion in the $27.5 billion guaranteed floor price for Hulu that was set at the time that the two companies signed their agreement in 2019, minus the capital call obligations due through NBCU towards Disney."